What You Can Expect


Homes up to 3000 sq ft $400 +HST. For homes larger than 3000 sq ft please call or email for quote.

Regular service area is considered to be 50km from River Bourgeois.
Further travel may be subject to a small travel fee.

Also available upon request for an additional charge:
Water testing for $60*.
Water flow testing for $100*.
Radon Gas testing $125*.
*All prices subject to 15% HST charge.

What to Expect During Your Inspection.

Upon agreement of a time and location for the inspection, we will promptly meet with you in the driveway of your prospective home (or current home as we also inspect before you sell to help prevent any surprises). We will sign an agreement so both of us will know each other’s expectations. Then we will begin.

We begin on the outside and will take a look at the roof, siding, grading, decks, windows, electrical entrance and anything else pertaining to the outside of the home and property. We most likely will talk about the grading around your home, caulking, weather stripping and painting in the form of regular maintenance. Once all questions have been answered and observations noted, we move inside the home and begin in the basement or crawl space.

We start in the basement, as the home is built from the ground up. Furnaces, hot water tanks, laundry facilities, electrical panels and anything else located within the lowest level are some areas we focus on. Any system that helps the home function, we observe. Upon completion we move to the next level.

On the main and subsequent levels we continue to observe floors, walls, ceilings, water and drainage systems, doors, washrooms, windows and attic access. We will check a representative number of outlets both inside and outside your home to identify correct connection and functionality. Under sinks and toilets we will look for evidence of past leakage, correct plumbing traps and the types of materials used. We open and close all doors and windows as accessibility permits, walk on decks if safe to do so and make our way to the attic.

In the attic we will note the amount and type of insulation, be able to observe for adequate ventilation, we can confirm or deny observations or questions that may have not been answered thus far. We will also take a look around any penetrations in the roof such as plumbing vent pipes, kitchen or bathroom exhaust piping and the chimney if built, looking for potential areas of concern or further investigation.

On to the roof which is one of the most important components of any house. We will look at any areas that may pose the largest threat of leaks (vent pipes, flashing, etc) so long as our safety is not compromised in any way.

At any point during the inspection we will be glad to answer any questions.

Any photos taken will be added to the report if they can convey a better explanation of an area of concern.

As soon as the report is complete it will be delivered to you, usually same day of the inspection. Feel free to contact us via phone or email if any further questions or concerns arise.

Your Peace of Mind Is Our Goal